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How is the quality?

Our felt ball rugs, trivet and coasters are made only of the highest quality virgin wool from New Zealand. No waste or other inexpensive fiber are used, which some companies use. You get from us the best quality at the very best price!

Which material are used in the product?
All our products are made of 100% new virgin wool from New Zealand. The color process is done so the products are free of allergies, poisons and AZO free. A nylon thread is used to sew to felt balls together.
Is the sewing visible?

No. Our special sewing method makes the thread invisible on both sides of the rug.

How long is the delivery time??

If you place an order before 17.00, the order will be shipped the same day. The product will take about 1-3 days to arrive depending on the country. All goods are sent by GLS.

How can I pay?

We use PAYMILL so that our customers get a 100% safe transaction. PAYMILL accept these credit cards:

  • Visa (all types)
  • MasterCard
  • Meastro
  • American Express

Other option of payment, include PayPal or bank transfer.

How should I clean the rug?
Wool is the most durable fabric, so the rugs can withstand normal every day use. Cleaning a felt ball rug can be done with vacuuming with a brush, but it is recommended that felt ball rug instead shaken instead. Felt ball rugs needs to be kept away from wet areas, and if an accident occurs, the liquid needs to be removed as quickly as possible.