With this feature, we’ve made it easy and fun for you to design your own unique felt ball rug.

Start by selecting the pattern you want to make your felt ball rug in. Then you will be guided through the rest of the design process.

Delivery Information

We are in continuous correspondence with the factory in Nepal, so ‘design your own’ carpets will be put into production on an ongoing basis. Depending on the size and how busy they are, it takes between 3 and 6 weeks before the carpet is delivered.

You always get free shipping on all carpets ordered from Una Living. As soon as we have received and packaged your order for delivery, you will receive an email. The amount will be charged to your account a few days after the order date.

Please note that there is no 14-day return policy on specially made bead carpets. However, you are always welcome to contact us if your design-your-own carpet does not meet your expectations.

Enjoy designing your own!

1. Choose pattern