Voluntary orphanages work was the start of Una LIVING

Orphanage in Nepal

Voluntary orphanages work in Nepal was the start of Una LIVING

Entrepreneur and owner of Una LIVING, Mathias Smedemark Kristiansen’s father was in February and March, 6 weeks of voluntary orphanage work in Pokhara in Nepal. Upon returning to Denmark in early April, he brought back a felt ball rug and coasters in rich colors as gifts for the family, which gave the idea to start the company Una LIVING.

The father’s network from the orphanage helped finding potential suppliers. Shortly after was Mathias heading to Nepal in search for the right supplier.

Kugletæppe tørring proces

For Una LIVING, it is essential that we trust the supplier to produce products in 100% wool of the best quality. While focusing on the workers working environment and helping local workers. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, so it is important for Una LIVING that we can support the workers and Nepal. The supplier that fitted Una LIVING’s needs were a manufacture in the capital Kathmandu. Felt ball rugs, trivets and coaster from this supplier it made of wool from New Zealand, which offer unparalleled durability and high quality.

Una LIVING can with this quality offering customers three year warranty. Besides that, Una LIVING very competitive prices, free shipping and a great customer service with day-to-day delivery, makes Una LIVING unique in the market.

The name Una LIVING, comes from the Nepalese word for wool, called una. The name is deliberately chosen so that it can be used internationally. This allows us to bring these colorful products to European countries and maybe further.

Una LIVING is operated by Mathias Smedemark Kristiansen who has a passion for creating products that are affordable and gives color to your everyday life. It is very satisfying and a great driving force to be able to helps create jobs for many women in Nepal.

This article in Jyllands Posten is about his father’s voluntary work in an orphanage (in danish): http://jyllands-posten.dk/rejser/ECE6667516/hjaelpearbejde-as-holiday shape-winning frem/

Felt Ball Rugs and trivets can be found here!