Una Living makes sure that payments are easy and safe.

You can pay with Visa Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. The payment process uses PAYMILL, so you get a 100% secure payment. All data handled by PAYMILL are strongly encrypted and meets all safety standards. Withdrawal will first happen once the items have been shipped from our warehouse. If you return a product in compliance with our return rules, you will automatically be credited for the returned goods.

Our payment through PAYMILL is PCI DSS compliant and with the use of Javascript Bridge so your information is sent directly to PAYMILL. This means that your sensitive data never touches our servers.

Another option is to use PayPal, which is the biggest Payment processor in the world.

All prices on the website are inclusive of VAT and other taxes.


You only pay shipping for purchases of less than € 125, depending on your country. The shipping prices varies from country.

We have day-to-day delivery. This means that if your order is placed before 17.00, the goods will be shipped the same day with GLS. It is expected that you will receive the package the next working day, however, within two working days. If you do not receive your package within two working days please contact us so we can track the package.

We use GLS for our shipments, so you will receive the product at your front door.

Cancellation and return

Una Living gives – JNF. Consumer Contracts – 14 days full return and cancellation of all products. The right to withdrawal is only valid if the item is in the same condition as shipped. The right is also applicable if the product is used. A product is only used if it is used beyond what is possible by testing the product in a physical store.

If the item is being used and there is a deterioration of the sales value, the depreciated value was subtracted from the returned amount. This value is an estimate of what the item can be sold to another consumer for. You must pay the return shipping costs and bear the risk of transportation.

For returns, please send us an email at [email protected] and tell us your name and order number.

Return packages shall be sent to this address:

Alpi Logistik A/S
Fastrupdalen 2-6
Att.: ND Design


Sent us an email to [email protected] that you wish to return and your contact information.

Hereafter, you can sent the package to our address:

Alpi Logistik A/S
Fastrupdalen 2-6
Att.: ND Design

Please note that you are responsible for the return and is responsible for the return.

Id you played via PayMill, PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer please send us an email with your account number and registration number, so we can transfer the full amount.

Basically, the full amount will be refunded. However, we reserve the right to reduce this amount if the product is in a degraded state.

Maintenance / warranty

We want to help you maintain your felt ball rug, so the rug will last for many years. In order to keep the rug in the best possible condition, follow these guidelines:

  • Keep the rug away from wet areas.
  • Do not use the rug with outdoor footwear.
  • Only place rugs indoors.
  • Do not wash the rug.
  • Cleaning should be done by shaking the rug. If a vacuum cleaner is used, we recommend not using the brush.
  • Spilled liquid should be removed with paper towel. A professional should clean larger stains.

Una Living guaranties that the product supplied will be free from material defects and that it was not damaged during shipping. Una Living will repair or replace the product if the felt ball rug is damaged during shipping or have material defects. However, it is a requirement that you/the costumer has complied with the stated recommendations.

If there within a 3 year period are problems with the carpet, due to material defects which can be attributed to errors in the original delivered product, Una Living will be liable. In such a situation, you/the costumer will have to document with pictures and a description of the product how it did not live up to the guaranteed.


  • Una Living accepts no responsibility, if there has been a breach of the instructions.
  • The rug is used in places close to water or liquids
  • The rug has been damaged by footwear
  • The rug has been placed outdoors
  • The rug has been washed
  • Heavy items placed on top so the balls have become deform.
  • The carpet is vacuumed with a brush
  • There are spilled liquids on the rug
  • Animals have used the rug

The warranty is valid only if the product has any damage or wear not caused by abnormal use of the rug. Especially damage or defect is not covered if the product is tainted, has accidentally damages, UV damage or have been subjected to improper transport or use. The product should not be repaired, cleaned or other interference by a party other than Una Living. The warranty is also void if the stickers, labels, or otherwise removed from the carpet or changed. The warranty is not transferable to a third party and the purchase should be verified with the correct purchase data.

If the carpet needs to be returned, it must be properly packaged and sent via GLS. If the goods returned under warranty conditions Una Living will pay the freight costs – agreements that further progress in the mail with our customer service.

Complaints and disputes must, according to the Consumer Claim Act § 5, see. § 45 paragraph. 2, be made on

Terms of Use

At the time the goods have come into possession of the buyer. The risk will be transferred to the buyer.

Production of the products

Our supplier is from Nepal. They have many years of expertise in wool products, especially felt ball product. The employees are mostly women who have good working conditions and earn a good salary.

The New Zealand wool comes first through a process filter wool. After dyeing wool with products that are allergy, married and AZO free. The Nepalese women begin to roll the wet wool balls with soapy water until they have taken the correct form. When they are finished, the wool balls are rinsed in cold water and lay out in the sun. When they are sun-dried, they are ready to be sewn together. This part of the process takes a long time, since the process is difficult and they must be very precise. It’s an incredible amount of work, laid in one felt ball rug.

The quality is top notch! Only 100% pure New Zealand wools is used for all the products. There are many years of experience behind the creation of these beautiful products.

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